Summer Mornings

Mornings where you don't have to get up for anything, no rush no fuss, you got all the time in the world. Is there really anything better?

Bedding: Urban Outfitters

  • I can and will sleep for most of the day if I don't set an alarm, so yes, even on the weekends I set an alarm, usually for about 10:30-11:00 ish.
  • Just like most people I like spending a good amount of time just laying in bed checking my phone (instagram & snapchat) before I get up.
  • When I finally decide to get my butt out of bed, I usually go straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face.
  • COFFEE! and breakfast next, which I always eat in bed while catching up on youtube videos or whichever show I'm into at the moment ('The Mindy Project')
  • Then I'll either go to the gym, lay out in the sun or I'll get in the shower and get ready for the day.  

Rye bread w avocado, salt, pepper & chili.
Rye bread w hummus & cherry tomatos

And that how I spend my summer mornings.

- Rebecca xx


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