What's In My Bag

Bag: Rebecca Minkoff 'Mini Mac' in black w/ silver hardware.

Honestly, what I cary in my bag isn't all that interesting BUT the bag tho! She's new, she's beautiful, she's a Rebecca Minkoff. I've wanted this bag for years and years and I finally decided to buy it for myself as a christmas gift. It has now become my everyday bag as well as my going-out bag. It goes with everything plus it's small so I'm forced to only bring the bare essentials, which I'm now gonna share with you!

  • My wallet (which takes up 2/3 of the bag...) Credit card, ID and travel card.  
  • Keys (ofc)
  • Chapstick, everybody knows how obsessed I am with Carmex and I never leave my house without it.
  • Makeup, I don't cary much around with me on a day to day basis, mostly cause there is no room, but I usually always have a concealer and if I'm wearing lipstick that day I will bring that too.
  • Hair ties, very essentiel.
  • Phone + headphones. If I'm leaving the house I'm definitely doing it with music (or a podcast) playing.

- Rebecca xx


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