50 Things To Do When You're Sick

Oh yes, last week I was quite ill and spent most of the week in bed. In the beginning it was nice and comfy - is there really anywhere better to be than in bed? I think not! BUT efter a while you do start to get tired of just laying around doing nothing. Therefore I made a list of things you can do in bed to help you not be bored, and hopefully it'll make you feel better. 

  1. Take random funny online quizzes (Like "What kind of pizza are you?")
  2. Read a magazine
  3. Research conspiracy theories 
  4. Make slime and play with it
  5. Go online shopping (My fav: ASOS.com)
  6. Write a story/poem
  7. Find a new app and become obsessed (My fav: PvZ 2, Looney Tunes, 1010!)
  8. Look at old photos
  9. Go on wiki and fall down a rabbit whole of silly useless information
  10. Go on wiki and actually learn something useful
  11. Go through and try all Snapchat filters
  12. Find a blog about your favourite things (fashion, books, food, fitness, games)
  13. Re-watch your favourite TV show (My fav: Friends, Seinfeld, TBBT, Frasier, 2 Broke Girls)
  14. Re-watch your favourite Movie (My fav: That Awkward Moment, The Hangover)
  15. Put on a facemask
  16. Get people to do stuff for you
  17. Listen to a Podcast (My fav: Shane and friends, Psychobabble, Jenna & Julien, SourceFed)
  18. Watch YouTube
  19. Draw or get a colouring book for adults and go nuts
  20. Do a Puzzle
  21. Order food/snacks
  22. Play video games
  23. Call/facetime your BFF
  24. Have a bubble bath
  25. Watch fails compilation videos
  26. Read a book
  27. Get some fresh air
  28. Listen to music
  29. Listen to an audiobook
  30. Make a bowl of soup
  31. Do your nails
  32. Create a playlist on Spotify
  33. Clean out your phone (delete apps, photos, music, notes that you don't use anymore)
  34. Make a cup of tea
  35. Tumblr
  36. Do some yoga to clear your head
  37. Put cucumber slices on your eyes
  38. Search and find new wallpapers for your phone/computer
  39. Learn how to use Photoshop online
  40. Go on YouNow.com and watch random people live
  41. Text a friend you haven't talked to in a while
  42. Find a funny account on Instagram and follow
  43. Play The Sims
  44. Make a smoothie full of good vitamins to help you feel better
  45. Make an inspiration board on pinterest
  46. Create a ford with fluffy blankets and pillows
  47. Watch some bad reality tv you never normally would watch (My fav: Geordie Shore)
  48. Make prank calls
  49. Meditate
  50. Edit old videos/clips together and show it to your friends or family

And if you're so sick you feel like dying, just nap like you've never napped before!

-Rebecca xx


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