What's On My Phone

iPhone SE in Rose Gold

It happened you guys, that little message we all dread came up on my phone today "Storage Almost Full"... It wouldn't even let me take a photo! Therefor I decided to clean out my phone from dumb apps, bad music and photos that I long should have deleted. I thought this would be a perfect time to show you what's on my phone. A lot of it is self explanatory so I won't go into everything but anyway hope you enjoy! 

Top left corner are reserved for my social media needs: Tumblr, Insta, Twitter and Snap - The holy foursome. And no Facebook do not belong there she's not cool enough. Pokémon Go has a front screen space as it's probably my most used app, geek Ikno. I've divided the rest of my apps into folders so everything is easier to find and I think overall it just looks nicer. 

First folder are all my games, I bet you already know most of them, but a new one I found is 1010! It is such a simple game yet addicting I highly recommend it. Also 'Heads Up' is a GREAT drinking game (just saying)

My Photo folder is just my editing apps as well as my Canon camera app AND because I'm a Pokémon Go nerd I have an app that tells the IV of your Pokémon just by taking a screenshot of it. Very excessive yes I know.

 Then I have a random tv/music folder with my Google Crome Cast app so I can watch YouTube and Netflix on my TV. Finally I have a 'whatever' folder for apps I don't really use yet feel like I desperately need such as IMDb, daily TV schedule and Just Eat. 

-Rebecca xx


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