May Favorites

And just like that it's June

Now that summer is here (sort of) It's finally been possible to show some skin, so I've been using and loving Dove's DermaSpa Summer Revived. It's a body lotion with self-tanner for a natural bronze glow that you can build up over time. I get mine in medium to dark skin, so I get a darker and more noticeable tan. 

Even though it's summer and I should be wearing all them bright colors on my nails, I've been loving Essie's Sand Tropez which is a sandy nude color, that is so so easy to wear and goes with absolutely everything. 

Bought my first pair of white converse in the beginning of this month, and lets just say I've been living in them! They just go with everything don't they. 

I also purchased a pair of black chino trousers with side stripes from Zara. They are so comfy and easy to style, so been wearing them a ton this month as well.  

Being the huge Youtube nerd that I am ofc I had to add a youtuber to my May favorites, and that youtuber is Arden Rose. Now she's not a new youtuber, I've been subscribed to her for years, BUT I guess you can say that I re-discovered her, cause I've been binge watching Arden's videos and l've been listening to her podcast (Crash On My Couch) this month.What a lovely person she is.

Speaking of Podcasts I've also been listening to Views by David Dobrik and Jason Nash - a very interesting and honest podcast. 

Had a bit of a Charlie Puth month not gonna lie. Dangerously & Attention has been playing on repeat. 

I've also been loving Dead by Madison Beer as well as Alan Walker's remix of Issues.

-Rebecca xx


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