I'm a Calendar Girl

I recently started a new job, as an intern, and having shifting work hours, morning meetings et cetera, it all seemed a bit confusing and overwhelming - I needed an overview of things.

I tried using my phone to write everything down but honestly, it's a pretty shitty calendar app and it frustrated me more than it helped me. Then one day I was browsing Asos (as one do) and stumbled upon a calendar, it was pink, holographic, with a fun slogan - what else does one need? So I thought to myself, am I really gonna do this again? Cause let me tell you, I've tried many many times to buy a calendar and every time I've promised myself I would use it and become one of those people who write everything down with cute markers and stickers but sadly I've failed each time. The thing with calendars are that you need to write EVERYTHING down, otherwise there's absolutely no point, cause you can't count on it then. But ladies and gentlemen, I can officially say, that as of right now, I'm officially a calendar girl! No no not that kind, but the kind that gets excited when I get a new appointment just so I can go write it in my calendar. But enough about me, let's talk about this calendar cause honestly, I'm quite obsessed with it!

It's from the brand Ban.Do and they have many different designs and sizes, so that you can find one that works for you. The thing I love the most about it is how fun and colourful it is. It has a positiv, self loving, you-can-do-this kind of vibe, which is very motivating and just a nice reminder. It has quotes like "You're cuter than a basket full of golden retriever puppies" - and honestly who wouldn't wanna be told that!

It has some amazing colorful artwork for each month, as well as all the important holidays such as hot dog day, emoji day and mean girls day (October 3rd, as we all know -duh) There's also plenty of space for extra notes and doodles, and on top of that it also comes with stickers, however I wish there would have been more of the same, so for instance you could use a $-sticker on every pay day, but when it only comes with one $-sticker it seems kinda pointless, but I'm sure you can buy more from their website.

Overall it makes me excited and I'm so glad I now have an overview over my appointments and work schedule!

-Rebecca xx


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