Visiting Studio Arhoj

I've been following Arhoj's Instagram (@studioarhoj) for a while now and I've wanted to go visit their store ever since I discovered it was placed in Copenhagen. Last weekend I finally did so, and it was as cute and colourful as I had imagined.    

It's a very instagramable store with many cute elements not only ceramics but posters, totebags, candy, wall decor and more.  

 One really cool thing is that it's not just a store, it's also their studio, so you're able to see how the products are made as you are walking around. One guy was shaping clay, another glazing and a third was creating texture on a vase by splashing some sort of wet stuff - it was quit cool to see. 

They had the most adorable little creatures - that came in all shapes and sizes.

It was really fun and interesting to see one of your fav Instagram accounts come to life, and if you're into ceramics and/or design, I would definitely recommend you check it out.

- Rebecca xx


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